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DDoS Attacks

Recently banks of all sizes have been faced with online attacks that delay or prevent customers from logging onto their bank’s website or accessing related services such as online banking. These attacks are known as distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. In order to block real customers from reaching their bank’s website, the website is flooded with millions of requests for information at once – essentially creating a “traffic jam” that temporarily disrupts the customer’s access to the website.

Unfortunately, these attacks are becoming more and more commonplace. At First National Bank, we are doing everything we can to limit the effect of these types of attacks. We feel it is important that our customers know the facts about these attacks and how they might affect you.

How does a DDoS attack affect my First National Bank accounts and personal information?

The main goal of DDoS attacks is to slow down or disable a financial institution’s website and, by doing so, denies the customer's requests for service. This means that the security of our banking systems, your accounts and personal information are completely safe.

What will First National Bank do if they come under attack?

We are on alert for these kinds of attacks and have strong, thorough measures in order to identify and block the computers involved.

How long should I expect to wait?

These attacks could last up to several hours. If you are not able to reach our website or our online banking, you can visit one of our ATM's or branch locations to perform your desired transaction. You may also call us at 618-635-2234.

We apologize for any inconvenience one of these DDoS attacks might cause, but know that we will be working diligently to get our website and its services back up and running.